Vodafone UK allows tethering for free

More news just in from Vodafone... On their eForum they've just updated their policy on tethering (using data from your smartphone's tariff via a cable or WiFi connection to the phone).Here's what you need to know:

  • Tethering is now allowed for customers on any 'new' (launched today) price plan. Existing customers can switch without extending their contract.
  • Data used is taken from your tariff's bundled allowance (between 250MB and 1GB are offered 'inclusive' depending on tariff)
  • You can buy more extra data bundles: 500MB for £5 or 2GB  for £15
  • Additional use is billed at £5 per 250MB if you exceed your bundled allowance

O2 also offer tethering with the purchase of any of their data 'bolt ons' [1. Thanks to Simon Maddox for the tip - I'd missed this previously.] as do Three UK who allow tethering on their One Plan (which offers unlimited data).