361 Degrees Podcast: Episode 2 - Connected Creativity media conference in Cannes

It's back! As promised this week's 361 Degrees Podcast adds a touch of glamour as we travel to Cannes for Europe's biggest media (TV shows) trading event, MIPTV... (it's a tough life being a blogger) Media trading? That doesn't sound very mobile? And in truth the main conference isn't... but off in the fringes is Connected Creativity, where the future of TV content production and consumption is discussed by the industry's most influential thinkers. And that is very, very mobile...

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Episode 2 covers the Connected Creativity event that took place in Cannes recently, where media makers and media buyers get together to trade TV content and discuss how it will be made and consumed in future. See some of our other coverage:

Episode 2 is also available on Soundcloud - Part A and Part B.

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