Quick Look: HP Veer

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="The Pre and the Veer"][/caption] In all the excitement over the TouchPad and the Pre3 we almost missed the Veer, a ‘mini’ Pre. It’s amazingly small and will be very easy on the pocket whilst retaining all the features (and the slide-out keyboard) of the Pre.

In use the keyboard isn’t quite as comfortable to use as the Pre’s, but with a few moments practice I was able to get up to the same speed and accuracy as picking out the smaller keys felt more natural.

The ‘type to search’ feature - whilst also present on the Pre - feels even more useful here as it speeds up the first step of most tasks by minimises ‘mis-hits’ (launching the wrong app). It’s refinements like this which add an appealing edge to WebOS and show HP is really keen to differentiate their devices on ease of use.

Another excellent feature is magnetically attached charging. Both the Pre and the Veer still offer the Touchstone inductive charging dock, where the device is magnetically held on the dock and charges wirelessly. However, now HP has added magnetic attachment of the power cable itself:

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="The magnetic connector"][/caption]

Either side of the connection port are two magnets which make the cable easier to connect as it snaps into place magnetically. It’s the same concept as the power-cords for Apple’s newer laptops (which we thought was patented… watch this space) but it’s just as useful in this case. Unfortunately it requires a custom cable at a time when most other manufacturers are switching to micro-USB and all our chargers work for all our devices, but in this case it’s a sacrifice I think I’d be happy to make.