Attack of the QWERTY Androids...

[UPDATED 16-02-2011] The original Android phone - the G1 for T-Mobile in the UK - was a QWERTY device and various ‘slide-out’ form factors have been available since then, notably from Motorola and HTC. However, there’s been little in the way of choice where ‘mono-block’ (Blackberry-like) form-factors are concerned.

A few months ago I had a quick look at the Acer beTouch E130 but was disappointed with the build, screen and performance of a device that I had hoped would be a good candidate for enterprise users:

Acer have also launched the beTouch E210 - a more capable looking device I hope to see soon although it also sports a (probably) disappointing resistive touch screen too:

The Huawei U8300 has been around for even longer (launched almost exactly a year ago at Mobile World Congress 2010) aimed at the youth market. It looks robust with an interesting form-factor but it too is hampered by a poor screen and an older version of Android (2.1):

Also today HTC announced the ChaCha. It’s a ‘Facebook’ phone with a dedicated key to do Facebook ‘things’ so probably won’t be first choice for enterprises but HTC’s Sense customisation looks appealing:

UpdateStephen Wing points out this list omitted the INQ Cloud Q which has also been announced (but is tricky to see). This device will be the second of INQ’s Android devices with rich Facebook integration (similar to the HTC ChaCha, but without the dedicated Facebook button) also targeted at ‘social networkers’. Unlike the HTC it won’t carry any ‘enterprise appropriate’ customisations out of the box, but will be able to run 3rd party apps to do this:

INQ Cloud Q Image credit: Engadget