Quick Look: Ubiquisys Attocel

Recently I posted a link to an announcement about a new ‘attocel’ product that allows users to ‘bring their network with them’ overseas. It’s intended to avoid roaming costs although I thought there were better solutions available. Last night I got to take a look at the device in person…

Sadly the Twitter commenters were right - it not be legal to use in the UK. However, it will be legal to use in many other locations including the US and features technology to change signal power to confirm with local laws.

More interesting though is the device pictured to the right - one of Ubiquisys’s smaller picocells. It features a clever ‘mesh’ technology that allows it to co-operate with lots of other similar devices across a network to manage load, power and coverage adapting its configuration in ‘actively’ as users move or sources of interference come and go. Without any separate management system these devices can just be installed by an IT department with just an ethernet connection… there’s no need for additional software or servers.

Very smart.