David's not convinced: The need for speed [Guest Post]

A guest post from David Carrington who’s also reliant on 3G data at the moment… Perhaps similar to Ben, I’ve recently moved home and have been forced to use mobile broadband for the last few weeks. That’s caused a lot of frustration.

  1. I don’t have MiFi, so it’s meant I’ve had to put my 5GB data SIM into a phone. If I put it in my N97 and use JoikuSpot then Android can’t connect (it doesn’t do ad hoc WiFi). If I put it in my Android phone then I have to use another phone for texts and calls. Very frustrating.
  2. It’s not fast enough: Neither Vodafone or Three have consistently strong data speeds where I need it, at home. It is not possible to watch a YouTube video uninterrupted.

All is not lost - I do enjoy mobile data access. I once stopped at a service station off the M1 to urgently fix a website, using only a netbook and 3G signal. Mobile data really does have it’s place, I just don’t feel it’s good enough for the masses quite yet as a full replacement for real broadband down a wire.