Week 1: Battery, battery, battery

Originally written on the 10th August

Week one has gone surprisingly well… The local Three coverage is good, performance feels snappy and being able to use multiple devices is handy. So far…

The Good:

  • It’s working… No landline, lots of laptops (well, 4) and internet access all ‘round the house.
  • Zero effort… I just ‘plugged and went’. The gizmo that was last week relegated to just getting my iPad online is now doing full-duty as my internet connection.
  • Everything works - including 2 ‘corporate build’ laptops from different firms complete with software lock-downs that prevent dongles working reliably.

The Bad:

  • The battery on the original Three MiFi (an E5830), whilst good for a few hours, won’t re-charge in use. That means 3 to 4 hours internet and then a wait… a long wait whilst it re-charges. This is the closest thing to a problem with the setup.
  • On the few occasions the MiFi has dropped a connection the combination of different coloured lights still confuses me and it doesn’t re-connect.
  • No remote interface and no management utilities for the Mac at all. When it stops working I’ve no idea why until I go back into the office to look at it.


  • It’s time for an upgrade… I still believe I might be able to survive on the MiFi but having recently seen Three’s new model launch it’s time for an upgrade… the screen, in-use recharging and auto-reconnection were all touted as big improvements in the new device’s design. I can see why now.
  • I’m considering getting a second device on another network to provide a spare… This isn’t just about web surfing and tweeting. I need to work form home (to deadlines) over this connection too and I’m still a little nervous.