Week 2: Living the dream


I am truly living the dream now.

I bit the bullet and bought a new Three MiFi (an E585) to replace the original one I’ve been running on contract for some time. Some months ago I’d had a letter from Three telling me my 18 month data contract had finished and I could have an upgraded dongle or MiFi if I renewed… That seemed like a good deal, but sadly in-store the upgrade was a no-go…  I could renew the contract and get a new MiFi, but it would mean giving up a promotional tariff I’d received last year because I was also have a handset contract with Three.

I had a bit of a whinge, but declined the store assistant’s offer to see if Customer Retentions (on the dreaded Three telephone support line) could help and just bought the device with a pre-pay SIM. I resented the enforced £10 top-up purchase that went with it, but reasoned I would find some use for it sooner or later.

A trip home, one SIM swap and here I am… good network coverage, a screen monitoring data usage, recharging in-use and a nice web interface to configure the device too. I like it so much I went back the next day and purchased another as a belated Father’s Day present.

I’m still being slightly careful about what apps I use - the bandwidth is good, but not good enough to make surfing pleasurable with a large background download - but otherwise this is all I need and I can still bring it wherever I go… I appreciated not needing to buy credit for yet another pre-pay SIM during the week to test a new Android tablet and just used the MiFi even though the Dell Streak has an onboard 3G radio.

The good:

  • It’s all working - a fast (enough) connection with a device that runs all day and keeps the connection going. This is it!

The bad:

  • Now have a spare MiFi.
  • Forced to buy unwanted £10 top-up.


  • Do something useful with the my old Three MiFi… Perhaps get it unlocked and try out some networks that don’t offer their own MiFi devices…?