EE and Vodafone worst for customer service

In a Which survey of customer service across 100 big brands:

  • 42nd - Three
  • 67th - O2
  • 94th - EE
  • 95th - Vodafone

Trying to use Shell’s ‘pay at pump’ app

Last week I signed up for Shell’s new Fill Up & Go payments app which allows you to pay for your fuel at the pump using your iPhone. I duly downloaded the app, created the required two different Shell accounts (work that one out!) and added my PayPal credentials (that’s how the payment works)… I jumped in the car and went to the local Shell station to buy some petrol. No QR codes in sight – apparently it’s not operational yet although the QR code was there in July and I have a photo to prove it.

Jonathan Jensen tries to use the ‘pay by mobile at pump via QR code’ service I expressed doubts over on the recent 361 Podcast mobile payments episode.

361 Podcast: Ask us anything

This week we answer your questions. We cover topics from including how 999 emergency calls work, the effects of long contracts, affordable roaming, Nokia (predictably), Apple’s Passbook and even something about wires. What more could you ask for?

Also find out who won their choice of ‘best smartphone’ thanks to

Malware steals accounts from jailbroken iOS devices

KeyRaider has successfully stolen over 225,000 valid Apple accounts and thousands of certificates, private keys, and purchasing receipts.

Don’t jailbreak your iPhone and install apps from unofficial sources - they may steal your account details.

Don’t install ‘tweaks’ to get free paid-for apps or in-app purchases from the App Store - you’re probably using someone else’s stolen account.