361 Podcast: “I don’t watch broadcast TV” [S11E03]

I was startled how totally we’d all abandoned broadcast TV as we recorded this - the closest we got was Ewan’s time-shifted viewing via a DVR:

This week the team discuss video - from how we access and watch it to the impact new apps and platforms will have on that in the future. Ben, Ewan and Rafe review the ways they watch video and consider whether ‘cord-cutting’ will ever be mainstream.

361 Podcast: Blooming marvellous apps [S11E02]

We picked one of our favourite apps to use as a case-study this week:

This week the team discuss one of their favourite apps from ‘mobile-first’ flower retailer Bloom and Wild. The team discuss how a mobile app out-performs web shops and and how the small(er) guy can leapfrog the competition with a bit of help from the app store.

361 Podcast: An actual elephant in the room [S11E01]

Feels odd writing about myself in the 3rd person but here’s the usual blurb:

Ben, Ewan and Rafe are back with season 11 and this week they discuss their travel during the break, including experiences of mobile in the US, Africa and China. They also introduce this season’s challenge: a competition to create the smartest home.

This season we’re also trying crowd funding through Patreon. If even a small fraction of our audience supported us with $1 an episode we’d cover our costs and be able to invest more in getting out of ‘the studio’.

Smartphone users shun Wi-Fi for 4G at home

as many as 40 per cent of British smartphone users now routinely plump for 4G over Wi-Fi owing to poor mobile broadband reception, particularly in extremities of the home such as bedrooms